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A growing number of companies have appointed  a ‘Vice President of Quality’ to spearhead TQM efforts. We request you to make a note and recognize the following premises about quality improvement. We at Bulluci Rappello shall take a oath to realize and practice the pre-laid six-tiers of Total Quality Management.

TQM must be reflected in every company activity, not just in company products: We are not just concerned with the quality of the products, but with the quality of our advertising, service, literature, delivery, corporate culture, after-sales support and so on.”

Quality requires high-quality partners: Quality can be delivered only by organizations whose value-chain partners are also committed to quality. Therefore we have the responsibility to find and work with high-quality suppliers and distributors.

Quality can always be improved: Lets start believing in “Continuous improvement of everything by everyone”. The best way to improve the quality is to benchmark the company’s performance against the ‘best-of-class’ competitors and strives to emulate them or even leapfrog over them.

Quality improvement sometimes requires quantum leaps: Although quality should be continuously improved, and it really pays for our organisation to target a quantum improvement. Any employee who bets on the quantum leap or suggest our R & D team will be rewarded.

Quality does not cost more: Lets at this instant out throw the laymen concept that achieving more quality would cost more and slow down production. Quality is not inspected in, it must be designed in. Lets do the things right the first time so that we can save many costs and salvage and offer our dear customers the best quality at an appropriate price.

Quality is necessary but may not be sufficient: Improving the company’s quality is absolutely necessary but very higher quality may not confer a winning advantage, as our product is positioned in the mid-chain of the end use. We have to supply our products at a price, at which our customer (importer) may be able to sell it to the next customer in the chain. Any unexpected and high quality improvement ma y lead to setback our dear customer and thus it will simultaneously overthrow our organization.